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Proper Education and a Decent Life are the Birthrights of Every Child in a Civilized Society, And it is the Duty of Every Adult to provide them



Education - the only real solution

School Dropout is one of the most serious social problems we are witnessing today

Thousands of children with substantial potential are forced every year, for want of financial resources, to give up education prematurely and take up work way below their innate potential. Worse, in most cases, they simply become unemployed, restless youth with no skills or resources to help them pursue a respectable life. Many of these frustrated, highly vulnerable youth predictably degenerate into misguided or criminal behavior and meet tragic ends. Just a little assistance at the right time can prevent this disaster and increase the feasibility of their receiving education more consistent with their potential.


Pragati Educational Foundation

Pragati Educational Foundation is a registered charitable organization established in 2002 with the objective of providing financial and non-financial support to students from Economically weak backgrounds to enable them to receive education commensurate with their potential, and to become self-dependent

We supported 12 deserving students during the academic year 2002-03, and have supported hundreds of them till now.

Every year, Pragati receives a few hundred applications from children with good academic record but inadequate means. Our selection committees meet these bright and eager children along with their parents / guardians to determine which of these could be served with our limited human and financial resources. 

We are always looking to expand our means to support a greater number of deserving children.

And with your support, we will....