Educational Support Program - Beyond Finance

We recognize that children from deprived backgrounds not only require financial assistance but also support in terms of encouragement and guidance. Our Educational Support program strives to provide them all round inputs in order to place them on the same footing as their more fortunate counterparts.

Financial Support is provided to selected students in the form of merit cum means scholarships. These scholarships are meant to cover their expenses towards school fees, books, uniforms etc.

The scholarships provide a maximum of Rs. 3000 (about US$ 70-80) per year per student to cover these expenses. Students are required to maintain a specified level of scholastic performance in order to retain the scholarship.

Mentoring Program

Each Pragati Scholar is attached to a mentor who keeps in regular touch with the scholar and his / her family. The mentor monitors the scholar's academic performance through out the year, provides encouragement and support, shares ideas to improve their performance and generally guides the scholar in making important decisions related to education and career. 

Personality Development Program

Because of their backgrounds, many of these children lack self-confidence and personal skills to hold their own in group situations.

The Pragati Personality Development Program is designed to help them overcome their diffidence and become confident, optimistic individuals. This is achieved by exposing them to a variety of individual and group learning experiences aimed at improving their general knowledge base, communication skills and attitudes. They are put through group discussions, speeches, quizzes etc. designed to help them open up and grow to their natural stature as persons.

Career Guidance Program

There are a wide variety of career choices available today. Our Career Guidance Program maintains a repository of information on possibilities and helps Pragati scholars make informed and practical career decisions taking into account their aptitudes and resources.