2009- Lawrence University’s JB Sivanich spends Summer Grant on Pragati students

Some students at Hoodi school had the opportunity to improve their english for 2 months over the summer. This was made possible by a Volunteer Opportunity Grant from Lawrence Unviersity awarded to JB Sivanich. The students were observed to be speaking english with much greater confidence than before.

Here is what JB says about the experience – “As a recipient of Summer Volunteer Opportunity Grant from my university, Lawrence University, in the United States, I was fortunate enough to receive funding to spend my summer working with the Pragati Foundation here in Bangalore. Every morning, I taught for two and a half hours at the Hoodi school teaching two classes of fifteen students before they began their normal school day. Over the course of the two months, we worked on basic grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension as well as reading aloud and pronunciation skills. The students were enthusiastic and fast learners as well as a lot of fun to work with. They made a lot of progress over our time together and were happy to share things with me about Indian culture as they were to learn about American culture. All in all, it was an unforgettable experience”.

Thank you JB from all of us at Pragati. We wish you the best!.