Our Story


Pragati Educational Foundation is a registered charitable organization established in 2002 with the objective of providing financial and non-financial support to students from economically weak backgrounds to enable them to receive education commensurate with their potential, and to become self-dependent.

“43 percent of India’s children drop out of school before finishing 7th grade and over 58 percent drop out before completing high school…”

Thousands of children while chasing their dreams are forced to give up education due to inadequate financial resources.

We believe that every child in a civilized society should have a proper education and a decent life. We as an organization strive towards this goal, in whatever small way possible.

Our humble beginnings started with support for 12 deserving students during the academic year 2002-03. Now having extended the support to hundreds of them, we are able to bring a positive change in their lives making this a long fruitful journey that it has been.


Scholarship Program

Pragati supports students starting from their high school through their graduation by extending financial assistance twice a year.

The amount varies as per the class and course.

Mentoring Program

Each Pragati Scholar is attached to a mentor who keeps in touch regularly with the scholar and his or her family. The mentor monitors the scholar’s academic performance through out the year, provides encouragement and support, shares ideas to improve their performance and generally guides the scholar in making important decisions related to education and career.

Personality Development Program

Because of their backgrounds, many of these children lack self-confidence and personal skills to hold their own in situations involving bigger audience.
The Pragati Personality Development Program is designed to help them overcome their diffidence and become confident and optimistic individuals. This is achieved by exposing them to a variety of individual and group learning experiences aimed at improving their general knowledge base, communication skills and attitude. They are put through group discussions, speeches, quizzes etc. designed to help them open up and grow to their natural stature as individuals.

Career Guidance Program

There are a wide variety of career choices available today. Our Career Guidance Program maintains a repository of information on possibilities and helps Pragati scholars make informed and practical career decisions taking into account their skill set, aptitude and resources.

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