On sunday the 21st July 2013, around 90 students from various schools in town were at the Rotary Club to try their hand at becoming Pragati Scholars. The proceedings started at 9am and wrapped up by about 2pm. At the end of the day, 24 students were offered the Pragati Scholarship, after a test and an interview. We welcome them to the Pragati family!

Students were from grades ranging from 8th to PU II. There were two different test papers – one for 8/9/10th grades and one for PU I/PU II grades. Pragati volunteers were present in full force to administer the whole process of ushering the students & parents, conducting the test, grading the answer sheets, and conducting interviews. The enthusiasm among the students, parents and volunteers was palpable. To the students who could not make it this year, we wish them better luck next year.