2015-Fun & Frolic = Museum & Picnic

Sunday 28th June was a memorable day for over 40 Pragati Scholars and 10 mentors. We had the much awaited outing when the students and volunteers got together as a family for a bit of fun.

As soon as the doors of Visveswaraya Technology & Science museum opened for the day, many bright and shiny faces were waiting outside ready to explore! The exhibits at the museum covered many fascinating areas – physics, astronomy, biology, electronics, and more. We even had the opportunity to watch a short 3D film on Dinosaurs. Curiosity was at its peak, and questions were flying around about how things work. There was wonder and amazement on many faces.

One good thing is followed by another. The next thing on the fun agenda was a warm packed lunch in the beautiful Cubbon park. Bisibele bath, curd rice, bajji, and mysurpak never tasted better! – what with lovely company and pristine environs. Once we wrapped up with lunch, it was time for a couple of hours of games. Everyone introduced themselves before we dove headlong into a series of active games. Passing the parcel, fire in the mountain, passing a human chain through a hula hoop … was fun to watch and play. The students were totally immersed in smiles & laughter… with inhibitions melting away in the spirit of informality and friendliness.

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