2015-Inspirational Talk by Ajit of Buoyancee

On the morning of 4 Oct 2015, while Bengaluru was waking up to a lazy sunday, over 80 students, parents and volunteers were in their seats at the Rotary Club ready to listen to an exciting speaker!

We had the good fortune of listening to one of the best motivational speakers I’ve seen – Mr Ajit Kaikini of Buoyancee, and that too for a whole 2 hours! Ajit started Buoyancee over 20 years ago, and is now a well-regarded transformational speaker at many high profile corporates. 

A packed room was listening with rapt attention to the valuable life lessons that Ajit offered. Ajit’s perspective was lucid, and explained with beautiful examples (including some from his own life), which made it easy for the message to sink in quickly. It is simply not possible to capture the entire essence of Ajit’s talk in this short article, but here is a sample of a few things Ajit shared:

  • Do not compare yourself with others, compare yourself today with yourself yesterday
  • Keep the heart & mind in harmony
  • Our strength & happiness comes from within
  • If someone offers you a pen and you do not accept, it goes back to the person… similarly if someone hurls an insult and you do not accept it, it goes back to the person
  • Do not waste energy moping over the past, or worring about the future… live fully in the present
  • Be in tune with your talents & gifts, and develop them
  • Make a study plan for all the subjects, and focus on studies in this phase of life

The talk was very energizing and engaging, and we saw almost every student eagerly asking questions during the Q&A session. We saw enthusiasm in many students to go to Buoyancee and learn more.