2016-Annual Day

2016 was an eventful year for Pragati – a selection day with a huge enthusiastic presence, a field trip to the Art of Living Ashram, and an inspiring talk by Ajit Kaikini of Buoyancee. The Annual Day on Dec 11 capped off yet another momentous year in the life of Pragati. The venue – Bhumika Hall – was full beyond capacity.  The audience of parents, grandparents, and siblings of the talented Pragati Scholars watched with pride & joy the glorious performances that were quite entertaining. Dances to contemporary numbers, Magic Show, Yoga performance, Singing and Stage enacting were part of the long lineup of fun programs. Exemplary academic accomplishments by some of the scholars were rewarded with mementos. It was an evening enjoyed by all.

The chief guest for the evening was none other than Pragati’s longtime partner from Divya Shanti School – Rev Vinay Samuel – managing trustee of Divya Shanti Christian Association & Trust. Rev Samuel shared a unique perspective with all, citing examples from history that convey the message of tolerance, enterprise and perseverance. 

As always, the force at work behind the scenes was that of the young Mentors of Pragati, who took care of the myriad details flawlessly.