2018-Robotics Workshop

This was one of the most interesting events we have had till date.

Robot – the buzzword which creates that spark of curiosity and excitement among students! 

What does it take to build a robot? How intelligent is this robot? Can it do all my work? What if it takes over my place, my stuff? These are the questions that will pop-up in the minds of students when they hear about robots.

To quench a little bit of this robotic interest, we organized a robotics workshop with the help of Robomations, a startup aiming to spread the knowledge of robotics among student communities.

Of course, every sophisticated product begins with a simple prototype. Likewise, the introduction on robotics to students began with basic electrical engineering principles. Every student was provided with a breadboard on which they built small circuit with resistors, LEDs, battery and also buzzer. 

Later the students teamed up to build automated car which involved understanding the physics of motor, resistors, gears and wheels. They also tried soldering for the first time.

 There were some entrepreneurship lessons as well and directions for choosing one’s passion.This was one of those events which was intense, yet fun-filled and a fulfilling experience for the students.

 This event for sure would have inspired some of them to go explore the world of technology and choose it as their career in the future.