Selection process is that time of the year when Pragati family grows bigger in strength. It is that time when new students full of aspirations and dreams are shown the path to progress and brought under one umbrella – called Pragati.

The path, however, is not laden with roses. To get under this umbrella, the students have to be able to work hard, excel not just in their academics but in other activities as well and prove that they need the assistance. And the means of selecting the most deserving ones among these set of students is through our carefully crafted selection process. Ours is a two-pronged approach. A meticulously crafted written test – followed by a rigorous interview – the interview is not only with the student but also with their parents to understand the holistic situation.

 On 24th of June, students along with their parents had assembled at the Rotary, Malleshwaram. Students were eager to sit for the test, the mentors were equally anxious enough to be able to oversee the process without any glitches. Around 118 students gave the written test which lasted about an hour.

 Shortlisted candidates were then called for interviews by the mentor team which was split to parallelize the process. Selection process is in a way a test to the mentors as well – a test of their ability to carefully prepare the question paper, control the huge gathering at the venue, conduct unbiased interviews and display unwavering temperament.

 After shortlisting the students from written test, mentors started the interviews where they diligently understood the students academics, interests, career choices and last but not the least – financial situation.

 At the end of the day, 24 new members joined the Pragati family. It is not just the financial help that is deemed important for the upcoming scholar but what makes this Pragati association special is the bonding that builds over the course of their career – providing guidance, mentoring and becoming a turnstile to their career development.