2019-HAL visit

This particular Sunday was different and memorable in many ways. The prestigious HAL museum in Bengaluru was visited by 120 bright Pragati scholars.

The adventure started early in the morning  where all the mentors gathered their students from different schools and colleges to reach HAL from different parts of Bangalore in no less than public transport. BMTC drivers would remember that Sunday when their whole bus was filled with a bunch of students.

The learning started with the highly informative video capturing different achievements of HAL, its history and the milestones in Aerospace in general.

Students then proceeded through many halls of the museum to look and indulge in the sea of information which was displayed in an alluring flow of pictures and models.

The life-size models of the air crafts was fascinating to students and mentors alike.

The stroll through the aerospace park in the sun was worth it for everyone. This half day excursion ended with  packed lunch that was arranged for all the students and an impromptu fun quiz.