2019-IIMB Trip

It was time again to spend some quality time with some of the brightest minds of IIMB. This is how Pragati scholars start their new year almost every single year.

Vikasana – The team at IIMB focusing on social services had everything setup for the day trip. Students were conveniently picked up from their schools in the buses arranged by IIMB and were brought to the beautiful campus at Bannerghatta,Bengaluru.

Vikasana’s volunteers/students were eagerly waiting for us. More that 90 scholars from Pragati were in attendance. All seated in a huge conference room.

Sessions started with a very interesting video conferencing from Mumbai where a young director explained all the different jobs/roles involved in film making.

This was followed by talks from other students from various backgrounds- Economics,Commerce,Science,Engineering. This gave students, an idea of all the opportunities in different fields that they could choose from.

What was common from all the talks was the giveaway that with HARDWORK and the will to pursue your goals, the dream to lead a successful life will not just remain as a dream.

After a delicious lunch at the cafeteria, Pragati students had fun along with the Vikasana team playing pictionary, singing melodious tunes and also dancing for some popular songs.

IIMB trip never ends without a tour of the campus. It’s so huge there is always a part of it you haven’t seen before.