2020-IIMB Trip

Our Pragati scholars started the year 2020 with a visit to one of the premier learning institutes in India, IIM-Bengaluru. It was time again to spend some quality time with some of the brightest minds of IIMB. Although every new year begins with a trip to IIMB, each visit is a different and wonderful experience – offering a multitude of learning opportunities for the scholars and mentors alike.

Vikasana – The team at IIMB focusing on social services were ready to take Pragati scholars through various learning activities setup for the day trip. Students were conveniently picked up from their schools in the buses arranged by IIMB and were brought to the beautiful campus at Bannerghatta, Bengaluru. More than 90 scholars from Pragati were in attendance.

Seating arrangement were made in a huge conference room.

Vikasana’s volunteers/students were very enthusiastic to meet all the scholars.

Students were from various backgrounds- Economics, Commerce, Science, Engineering etc. This gave the students, an idea of all the opportunities in different fields that they could choose from.

Key take-away of the career talks was ‘Nothing is impossible. Anybody can achieve their dream and be successful with determination and proper guidance.’

Scholars were then led to cafeteria where they enjoyed the delicious lunch.

IIMB trip never ends without a tour of the campus. It’s so huge there is always a part of it you haven’t seen before.