2021 – Scholars Fun Meetup

Pragati has always been concerned about students’ educational growth as well as personal growth.

Neither the pandemic nor the lockdown stopped Pragati from engaging the Scholars in fun filled and educative events. ‘Open Up’ was one such finest event which was held online and yet remains to be most memorable.

The purpose of the event was to ensure that the students come up with their creative thoughts and to trigger their hidden talents. It also played a vital role in helping the volunteers’ bond amongst themselves and show their creativity in organizing the events.

Scholars were invited via zoom meeting, and the event was initiated by an invocation song followed by a series of fun filled activities, it had two stages namely main room activities and breakout room activities.

Students were instructed to join different breakout rooms which was handled by respective mentors and volunteers. Breakout rooms further consisted of ongoing games such as Memory game, Draw a Memory, Bring an Object where each event had a winner to peak up the competitive spirit of the students. All the Scholars participated enthusiastically. It was overwhelming for both the mentors and volunteers by looking at the student’s participation in each activity.

Then came the final main room activity which was further broken into three events – It’s time to rhyme, Connections and Brain teaser. These events turned out to be extremely filled with fun with students participating actively and coming up with a variety of creative answers.

The evening ended with announcement of the winners and most importantly with positive feedbacks from the students which filled the hearts of the mentors and volunteers with satisfaction and encouragement to organize such events in the future as well.