2023 – Annual Day

The Pragati Annual Day serves as an exhilarating moment for scholars to showcase their creativity, talent, and imagination. It’s the occasion when Pragati scholars and the entire team come together to celebrate the year-long efforts and successes, enjoying each other’s company, and acknowledging scholar achievements throughout the academic year.

Pragati Annual Day 2023, held on January 14, 2024, at the Rotary Club in Malleshwaram, Bengaluru, was a vibrant gathering attended by scholars, mentors, and their parents or grandparents. Adding to the special atmosphere, Dr. Sudha Kidao, the chief guest of the evening and chair of the FFE India Management Committee, has been instrumental in illuminating the paths of over 13,000 higher studies scholars nationwide.

The event kicked off with warm welcomes for Dr. Sudha Kidao by the hosts Saranya and Ramya, and the hall resonated with continuous applause from students and parents. Dr. Sudha Kidao shared her experiences, including the challenges she faced while publishing her first paper in an international journal. She concluded her remarks with a short story highlighting the significance of aligning one’s work with passion for a prosperous life.

The festivities then began with a folk song by Chaitra S, followed by expressive and natural dance performances by Manasa S. Thanmayee’s Yakshagana performance then added a cultural touch to the program. 

The chief guest, alongside the Pragati founder, distributed mementos and awards to the Pragati scholars. Founder Tej Arora delivered a speech, recounting a real-life experience that illustrated how a small step can make a substantial difference in someone’s life. He shared the journey of three friends deciding to fund the education of 10 children in the 2000s to the establishment of Pragati Foundation, which has since helped over 1,000 children realize their dreams. 

Tej Sir, concluded with the quote, “Be foolish, be hungry, and never be afraid to take small steps toward your dreams.”

The event concluded with expressing gratitude in a vote of thanks, followed by a dispersal of attendees. Light snacks provided by mentors added a pleasant ending to the evening.