2023 – Career Counseling

Empowering Dreams: Pragati’s Career Counseling Session

At Pragati, our mission has always been to empower and support students who aspire to achieve their dreams. We firmly believe that education is the key to unlocking their potential and creating a brighter future. As part of our ongoing efforts, we recently organized a career counseling session for students who have completed their 10th and 12th grades. The session aimed to provide them with a comprehensive understanding of various courses and career options while offering mentorship and guidance from dedicated volunteers who are accomplished in their respective careers

The session kicked off with an introduction to a flowchart of career options, offering students a visual representation of the diverse paths available to them. Volunteers, who were once beneficiaries of Pragati’s scholarship themselves, enthusiastically shared their knowledge about each career option, giving the students a glimpse into different fields and their prospects.

To inspire and motivate the students, we invited volunteers from various fields to share their personal journeys. Chartered Accountants, Medical Doctors, Computer Engineers, and individuals from other walks of life shared their day-to-day experiences, highlighting the challenges they faced and the lessons they learned along the way. These professionals not only provided insights into their respective careers but also emphasized the importance of passion and perseverance in pursuing their dreams.

Understanding that students might have individual queries and concerns, we divided them into breakout rooms, each with a dedicated mentor. This intimate setting encouraged students to open up and share their thoughts and aspirations, even if they were initially hesitant. The mentors patiently listened, offered guidance, and provided answers to their questions, creating a safe space for fruitful discussions.

To ensure that all questions were addressed, we organized a Q&A session towards the end of the event. Prior to the session, students had the opportunity to submit their questions. We carefully curated and selected a few questions that were relevant to a broader audience. This allowed us to provide comprehensive answers, ensuring that students left with a clearer understanding of their potential career paths.

As the session drew to a close, we provided students with a list of reputed colleges and institutions offering courses related to their areas of interest. It was important to equip them with information about potential educational opportunities that could help them take their first step towards a fulfilling career.

We were delighted to learn that despite their initial hesitation, many students took the opportunity to express their thoughts and gratitude to their respective mentors after the session. Knowing that we had succeeded in creating an environment where students felt comfortable enough to share their feelings and seek guidance brought a genuine smile to our faces. This reassured us that the session had made a positive impact and instilled confidence in the students.

The career counseling session conducted by Pragati proved to be a valuable platform for students to explore their career options, gain insights from working professionals who were once Pragati scholars, and receive personalized guidance from mentors. We firmly believe that by providing such support, we are nurturing a generation of talented individuals who will make a significant impact on society. Pragati remains committed to empowering dreams and creating opportunities for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and we look forward to continuing this important work in the future.