2023 – IIMB Tour

To encourage students and to make them think outside of the box, every year we conduct a visit to IIMB  and as usual, it was a great success this year as well. 

It was scheduled on 29th of January and We were successfully able to gather more than 60 students this year who thoroughly enjoyed the visit. 

As soon as we reached, the student committee at IIMB known as Vikasana gave us a warm welcome and divided us into 5 different teams. We had a campus tour for almost 2 hours where we were able to witness various departments of the college, library, sports club, and various clubs for extracurricular activities including singing, dance, art, etc. Following that, we had a yummy lunch which was tummy-filling. 

We then had career guidance sessions from Prof Padmini and  IIMB students who come  from various departments and with a variety of experiences from different walks of life. It was a great platform for the students to explore their creative side and choose their career path wisely. Vikasana volunteers answered all the questions raised by the students regarding their careers. 

At last, we also had a fun activity which was a great show for all the students, volunteers, and mentors as well. We ended our day with great pictures.