2024 – IIMB Tour

As Michele Jennae said, “Networking is not about just connecting people. it is about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities”.

In the realm of educational endeavours, few events shine as brightly as the Annual IIMB visit, an illustrious initiative spearheaded by the Pragati Foundation in conjunction with the dedicated support of the IIMB Vikasana Student Committee. Held on January 28, 2024, this year’s visit brought together over 50 students for an immersive and enriching experience at the esteemed Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB).

Vikasana team at IIMB hosted us by setting up various activities for the day. Upon our arrival, students were divided into 3 groups, and each group set out on a thorough tour of the IIMB campus. Nestled in the lush greenery of Bangalore, the state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern amenities left an indelible impression on the Pragati scholars, volunteers, and mentors. The tour included visits to classrooms, libraries, recreational spaces, and the iconic auditorium, offering students a firsthand experience of the academic and extracurricular facets of campus life along with the interactions with the current students which allowed them to gain insights into the academic rigor, campus culture, and the peer learning environment at the institute.

While the campus tour was much interactive and joyful, it was followed by a delicious lunch at the cafeteria creating a memorable and holistic experience for the students.

The day unfolded with the career guidance session led by the esteemed Prof. Suresh who shared profound insights on the importance of time and consistency, drawing from personal experiences that resonated with the students.

The session was further enriched by the students of IIMB sharing their unique journey and experiences, offering practical insights in fields such as defense, commerce, fashion designing, medical science, pure science, and engineering followed by a Q&A session, allowing students to seek personalized advice and clarification. The session concluded with the Padmini mam’s amazing piece of advice to students which highlighted the importance of hard work and never give up attitude. The day ended with a fun activity, distribution of gifts, and capturing of moments.

The visit to IIM Bangalore proved to be a transformative experience for the students, broadening their horizons and inspiring them to set ambitious career goals. The combination of insightful career guidance sessions, a comprehensive campus tour, and interactions with current students left a lasting impact, equipping the students with the knowledge and motivation to embark on their professional journeys with confidence and purpose.

Check the glimpse of this tour – Click HERE .