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It has been a remarkable journey with Pragati so far. The very idea of fulfilling a collective responsibility towards society by providing educational assistance coupled with mentoring is truly inspiring and the longevity of Pragati serves as a testimony to the vision of founders of Pragati. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of Pragati family – it has been a humbling experience to know what it takes to give back to the society and in the process grow within yourself. Pragati scholars becoming self-reliant and reaching out to others is truly gratifying and this is where it comes a full circle – something which Pragati has accomplished emphatically and continues to do so. Proud to be part of Pragati...



Pragati foundation is the best foundation which is helping students financially and encourages, supports in all sorts of fields, showcases our talents and helps in shaping a bright future ahead.I thank all the mentors for supporting us for a long duration since 5 years. I am lucky to be a part of this foundation. Thank you!


Student ( 1st year B.E Dr.Ambedkar institute of technology )

I started myjourney with Pragati in 2010. Pragati has helped me mentally and economically to become the person I am now. Monthly meetings have helped me overcome stage fear, improve communication. Special thanks to my mentors for guiding me throughout. Currently working at Zycus Pvt Ltd as Software Engineer.

Vinay P


I convey my deepest gratitude to Pragati for helping hundreds of bright students with financial assistance and filling them with motivation to pursue their dreams. I can't thank enough all the team member's and mentor s for providing a great platform to develop myself and for the selflessness of their philanthropic work.

Sagar CS


I would say Pragati is all about learning to me. Not just academics, it is about social responsibility, discipline, commitment and what not.. Proud to be part of Pragati



Pragati is giving me both financial and moral support, this is leading me become self independent

Vedha S

School - Vani Girls High School Class - 9th ( Associated with pragati from 2017 )